Photobombing opportunities can arise anywhere at anytime. People are taking photographs of virtually everything these days. You could be walking past a bus stop or standing in a queue at your local store. The secret is to keep your eyes and ears open at all times.

Probably the best opportunities for photobombing are at family get togethers and tourist attractions; there will be plenty of cameras around and people will generally be in a good mood. At a family do such as a wedding, the photobomber will be in his/her element as the risk of getting a beating if caught is fairly low and the results will provide a laugh for the whole family “Look at our Michael on that one” Auntie Betty will say!

Watch out for groups quickly forming, couples putting there arms around each other and listen out for people saying “get closer”, “left a bit” and of course “say cheese”. Frantic directional hand movements are also a good indicator that an opportunity is looming.

Tourist attractions offer a little more risk but should still fairly safe as the target(s) will generally be quite relaxed and will be concentrating on the tourist attraction they have come to see rather than the goon in the background.


Being able to spot an oppurtunity is only the start of being a great photobomber, if the timing isn’t there then the results won’t be either. Dive in too early and the chances of being caught are quite high, dive in too late and it’s game over. The photobomber has been unsuccessful and could end up with a slap or volley of verbal abuse (depending on target, location and action take to spoil the shot) for his troubles.


Each photobomber should develop his/her own personal style. A photobomber needs to be adaptible as each oppurtunity could require a different style of spoil. A cheesy grin may do for most photobombs, the classic scary monster will do for others but originality will quickly gain the photobomber a deserved repuation amongst his peers and fans.


In the days before digital cameras the photobomber wouldn’t usually be spotted until the photos had been developed. These days everything is digital and photographs can be viewed straight away, thus increasing the chances of the photobomber being caught.

Depending on location and target, the photobomber should plan his/her escape route before the spoil. Clubs, pubs and other places where alcohol has been consumed have the potential for volatility and should be treated with extra care. The last thing a photobomber wants is to be caught, this could lead to all sorts of trouble.

For the real thrill seekers, pubs and clubs offer the greatest oppurtunities for extreme photobombing but the photobomber is more likely to get his/her head kicked in.

Be careful out there!